Cold storage

Cold train storage services for clients throughout the UK

At Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd, we are committed to delivering high-quality storage solutions to the rail industry. Based in West Yorkshire, we provide our services to clients from South Wales to across the Scottish borders.

Short-term storage solutions

Vehicles and components are parked in open secure storage with no further tasks undertaken until the customer requests it.  
We recommend this option for a fleet that is most likely be disposed of within a short period of time.

They can be moved to a site for disposal with little additional work and certification required if the period of storage is short.

Not sure how long your fleet will be stored for?

Contact the team at Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd.

We understand rolling stock storage is a bit of a dark art; therefore we can help you make the best decisions for preserving the life of your assets. You can depend on us to make any changes to a cold storage provision at short notice.

We can advise and consult you, helping you achieve the most cost-effective outcome. 
Short-term storage solutions
For cold storage solutions that are second to none, call or email Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd.
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