Efficient rail train scrapping  services throughout the UK

Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd have experience in both the disposal of passenger vehicles and freight wagons. Based in West Yorkshire, we serve clients throughout the UK.

Recycling end-of-life vehicles

Our partners disposal facilities can recycle 99% of an end-of-life vehicle, finding further use for plastic panelling, glass, seat cushions and carpets. Some of these sites can combine a short period of cold storage, before a disposal is to take place allowing cost reduction and speedy reuse of components.

We will guarantee complete discretion and ensure value is added wherever possible. You can rely on us to provide environmental certification prior to beginning any disposal programme.
About us

Rail vehicles recycling

With a 99% recycle rate,  did you know that less than 1% of a vehicle will reach landfill? We will go the extra mile to reduce the negative impact of rolling stock on the environment.

We provide a host of rail services for clients from South Wales to across the Scottish borders.
Rail vehicles recycling
Rail vehicles recycling

We can also arrange:

  • Stripping, storage and logistics for all retained parts
  • Facilitate the reuse of vehicles for alternative methods
  • We have experience in providing end-of-life vehicles to emergency services training facilities, charities and even reuse as hotel accommodation, as well as arranging the road transportation to the vehicles new home.
  • All end-of-life environmental certification and removal from RSL
For the proper disposal of end-of-life rolling stock, call or email Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd today.
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