Reliable train storage services in the UK

From South Wales to the Scottish borders, we have a network of storage locations that are uniquely equipped to handle all your bespoke storage needs. Call the team at Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd today, and we can accommodate your needs.

Fleet storage and management 

With over 7000 new vehicles entering service and a similar amount displaced, never has there been such a logistics challenge since the displacement of steam by new-fangled diesel and early electric traction.

Space for holding vehicles is at a premium, as is the availability of the logistics expertise to move them in what can be a complicated and specialised field.

Forms of storage solutions we provide:

  • Warm storage
  • Tepid storage
  • Cold storage
storage solutions
rail haulage

All of our sites:

  • Have 24/7 secure access by road or rail haulage
  • Provide undercover facilities and storage for components and interior fittings
  • Provide undercover workshop and welfare amenities for personnel working on site
  • Provide access to three phase power supplies, some with 25KV overhead supplies or DC power supplies
  • Militantly secure by combinations of palisade fencing, monitored CCTV, security gated access, motion sensors, motion activated lighting, dog patrols and even natural prevention
  • Location specific on-site shunting locomotives with shunting and mainline locomotives available for proving ETS supply and shunting provision
If you’re looking for secure storage locations anywhere in the UK, 
call or email Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd.
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