Tepid storage

Safe and secure tepid train storage solutions in the UK

At Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd, we can provide tepid storage solutions tailored to individual customer needs. Based in West Yorkshire, we provide our services to clients from South Wales to across the Scottish borders.

Our services include:

  • Vehicles maintained according to a pre-agreed VMI, easily altered as need arises
  • Enhancements offered based on experience of previous storage of similar fleet types
  • Interior fittings protected in situ or removed to under cover dry storage area
  • Machines powered where possible. Access to 25KV and DC power systems
  • Provision of ETS supply to run HVAC on hauled coaches and Class 442
  • Provision of gel packs
  • Regular reporting of interior condition and arising mechanical defects
  • Maintenance actioned on arising repairs, addressing developing water ingress
  • Dehumidifiers can be supplied in the limited under cover area available at one of our storage locations
  • Undercover dry storage for spare parts, removed seating and documentation
  • Provision of locomotives for exercising braking, wheel bearings and air suspension systems
  • Adaptor couplings, barriers and translator vehicles or fitted locomotives to carry out regular short movements to slow bearing degradation and reduce brinelling
  • All necessary maintenance records maintained and supplied to the customer
  • All RSL and ECM requirements managed
Tepid storage allows rapid deployment of vehicles to new customers at a much-reduced return to service cost.
Cold storage
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