Warm storage

Expert warm train storage management services

Warm storage is ideal for a fleet in short or medium-term storage with a guaranteed new home that will require rapid deployment and entry into revenue earning service. Based in West Yorkshire, we provide our services to clients from South Wales to across the Scottish borders.

Storage and vehicle management throughout the UK

This train storage option is an extension of tepid that includes the regular mainline running of vehicles to ensure their consistent readiness for return to service. A reduced maintenance regime to reflect reduced mileages from normal service operation can be agreed with the fleet positioned at one of our storage locations with rapid access to maintenance facilities. 

Warm storage can easily be reduced to tepid or cold storage, should the customer's situation change. All running certification, RSL and fleet ECM requirements will also be managed. 

A warm storage programme will be allocated a dedicated pool of train drivers and WTT pathing and if the fleet type requires suitable locomotive types and shunting personnel.

Any defects arising whilst in warm storage will be reported and can be repaired at the instruction of the customer.
For warm standby storage solutions, call or email Hanson & Hall Rail Services Solutions Ltd.
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